with storm drain adopters just like you."

"We're curbing urban pollution

Welcome to Nashville's Storm Drain Adoption program!
The first of its kind in the Southeast!

Armed with smart technology and our tailored mapping software, we're advancing the way environmental fieldwork happens. Our program allows you to adopt a location-specific storm drain based on where you work, live or play. Then with your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer, you can send us information about debris you cleaned/cleared, real-time conditions such as illegal dumping, potential flooding, or stolen or vandalized grates.

Because storm drains route water directly to our streams, rivers and lakes, all your effort helps the clean water cause.  Adopt Now!


Our volunteer adopters spot check their storm drain(s) between rainfalls, (and, if possible, before each predicted rain) to steward them free of debris, litter or pollution.

Simply remove any leaves, twigs, cans, cups, or other impairment from the top of the storm grate and note what you see adjacent to the drain. With a garbage bag or bucket in hand, most volunteers can address the storm drain issues within minutes.

If you find notable issues with your drain, you'll complete a brief electronic field report. It's a simple form with clickable boxes to help note your concerns in two minutes or less.

That's it! You just made your neighborhood look great, prevented localized flooding, and helped the clean water cause!


Click here or on the map below to reach our Adoption portal. Once there, navigate the map to find a storm drain you like, and click the green dot to open the dialogue box. The adoption link / registration form is in the dialogue box as well as the Drain ID number  you'll need to adopt.

Please remember your "field report" each time you encounter a storm drain issue.

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Nashville Storm Drain Adoption