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From green teams to blue streams,

your company will love these guys." – Mother Nature


We proudly provide corporations throughout Middle Tennessee a platform to demonstrate their environmental dedication and local service commitments. We’re an ideal venue for CSR and corporate giving programs that seek to engage your workforce in ways that improve your community. And our Corporate Outings are completely organized for you, based off the criteria you think your company and colleagues need. Come along with us, you're certain to have a good time — and make meaningful impact in the process!



For groups of 5 to 225 and even larger, the Nashville Clean Water Project offers Mistate companies (and their employees) many ways to contribute locally during the traditional work week. We plan and co-manage the project with you, taking as much of a lead as you need. Your employees build relationships and strengthen teamwork in ways that translate brilliantly back in the office.  Options include Rain Barrel (water cisterns) constructions, a host of Adoption programs including streams and storm drains (see below), eco-tours and cruises, and environmental recovery and monitoring projects. It beats a day in the office everytime!



Ahem... people's butts are in our water; this needs to stop! They are the single most littered item nationwide, and usually land in storm drains after being dropped onto sidewalks and streets. Now an innovative partnership with the Nashville Clean Water Project and our national recycling partner, you can turn your employee’s cigarette waste into fundraising support for our organization. For every pound of cigarette litter our partners collect, our recycling partner will provide actual donations directly into our account. And they pay for all UPS postage and materials necessary so you won't be out of pocket when handing them your butts. ;)




Our tailored brown bag luncheons and seminars can be adjusted to your schedule, from brief 15-minute discussions to full blown A/V presentations lasting an hour or longer if you wish. All in the name of helping your employees understand the issues of our watershed, and how they can get involved. We present an interesting tour of Middle Tennessee's waterways, showcasing how issues here at home reach all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. We also provide helpful hints on how to volunteer community-wide with projects of interest for those employees who want to make a difference with their spare time.



Our community’s regular daily activities leave local waterways persistently polluted with garbage, pesticides, sediment, and other contaminants which continue to encroach on natural habitat through our storm drains. From a broad perspective, Nashville waterways accumulate hundreds of tons of human-imposed debris each season — and the gatekeepers include our city storm drains and gutters. Through the small act of adopting a storm drain, your team can keep Nashville's streets looking beautiful and our waterways clean, too.



We remain current with the clearinghouse database called GivingMatters, a partner of the nationally prominent GuideStar system. Through them, you can find all our financial and program descriptions that bring the necessary confidence in us as a partner for workplace giving and in-kind support programs. Our FEIN number is #46-0626505, and we bank locally with First Tennessee Bank in Nashville, Tennessee. Your support can directly help us continue to serve communities all across Middle Tennessee.

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