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A safe place for our kids. And your time.


The research is clear: Environmental education correlates directly with overall academic achievement by high-ranking and low-ranking students — particularly in math, science, social studies and language arts.


By providing youth service opportunities and blueway/greenway engagements, our non-profit Nashville Clean Water Project is creating early appreciation for nature and building overall healthier kids. Here’s how:



An adaptation of the awarded Nashville Clean Water Project, “Clean Water Kids!” is our environmental service program that introduces youth to the crucial act of extending beyond themselves. We are inspiring tomorrow's young leaders so we’re inspiring all with organized stream cleanups, tree plantings, rain garden constructions, and rain barrel projects throughout the year.


Why? Because kids who volunteer are more likely to be psychologically and occupationally successful. Girls are less likely to become pregnant; boys less likely to use drugs. And all kids who engage in community service are more likely to have a strong work ethic, to volunteer and to vote as adults. Through our environmental education and additional health and wellness initiatives, we’re inspiring young, healthy advocates of the watersheds.


The Institute of Medicine reports childhood obesity has more than doubled for adoles-cents and more than tripled for kids 6-11 since 1980. The epidemic claims almost 9 million children (ages 6–19) as being overweight or obese.


Our “Trails to Fitness” program leads kids along local greenways and nature trails to impress the connectivity these valuable pathways have to our waterways. All the while, we introduce healthy snacks and lunches to help turn the tide against obesity. Increased disengagement with nature (called Nature Deficit Disorder) has profound implications. In fact, this generation of youth could be the first to die younger than their parents. So get your kid on a trail with us and watch them enjoy a lifetime of healthy benefits.


From April through October, we break out the longboards to teach confidence, trust, balance, endurance and other life skills while mixing in healthy doses of environmental and habitat education. Our "Stand Up Paddler" (SUP) program called "What SUP Kids!" creates on-the-water adventures for kids who don’t typically experience physical, mental and environmental activity.


Our unique partnership with professional paddleboard company Soulshine SUP guarantees skilled instructors and life guards for unique "kids only" programming in Middle Tennessee that inspires more young stewards of our precious local waterways.


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