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18" x 24" corrugated yard sign in Waterway Blue. Each comes w/ 10" x 30" heavy duty double H Wire-stake.

Nashville is a boom town, but unbridled development is wearing some folks out. Bongo Java coffee master/founder Bob Bernstein originally conceived "Build Like You Live Next Door" as an appeal within historic neighborhoods for contextually appropriate development. 

Most people don't know construction sites in Nashville (both commercial and residential) are required by law to install erosion control (oftenfabric screens) along their perimeter to prevent dirt, sand and mud from washing into the street. It's an environmental law that many builders ignore and their construction sites damage Nashville's waterways with runoff into our storm drains and streams. Sediment is the number one pollutant in Tennessee's rivers and streams so wherever you see a construction site without a silt fence, request the builder to install them or email us the address so we can do the same.

Yard Signs — Build Like You Live Next Door – Blue

SKU: 201521
  • Signs are corrugated, weatherproof plastic, and include sturdy-version wire ground stakes.
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