"Great whiskey starts with clean water.

Help us make a great event." – Us



Great whiskey starts with clean water...so we've been adopted for a charitable affair. The Nashville Whiskey Festvial happens again Sept. 11-14 (2013), with a portion of ticket sales being donated to the Nashville Clean Water Project's operational costs.


Each year, we provide volunteers at this high-class event, and (for those who want to) they get to participate in some of the spirits. The four-day event features special tastings through the week, more than 30 participating distilleries & breweries, educational seminars put on by master distillers, special VIP hour w/ rare whiskey tasting, cigar kiosks, barrel aged beer. 


If you're able to contribute time (no money, just time!), then please register as a volunteer for Saturday night, Sept. 14 at the Country Music Hall of Fame, 222 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203